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Food Solutions

Freshmarx® Solutions for Grocery

We take grocers to the next level of freshness.

Freshmarx® Solutions for Grocers to create an Intelligent Food Supply Chain

Because we make digital connectivity possible, grocers now have greater control over freshness. Freshmarx® Solutions give grocers the tools and control to save on labor, drive revenue, significantly reduce food waste, ensure food safety, and deliver the freshness of product customer's desire.

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Achieve the Next Level of Freshness

Food freshness drives consumer trust and loyalty – and helps stores differentiate from online e-tailers.

Inventory Cycle Count

Intelligently verify the contents of your store’s inbound shipments, and perform cycle counting in the backroom and on the store floor with no line-of-sight required. Intelligent identification and readers are the key to fast, accurate cycle counting in your store today.

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Expiry Management

You want your customers to trust that the product they bring home from your store is fresh without any doubt. Manage your product flow and shelf placement quickly and efficiently without multiple daily manual spot checks. Intelligent labels paired with scanners are the keys to cloud-connected solutions that enable the most efficient expiry management.

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Traceability, Recall, and Compliance

Traceability of product in the food supply chain allows for timely decision-making, such as truckload redirects, to optimize the routing process. Additionally, traceability enables the ability to do fast accurate recalls, as well as ensuring complete compliance from source to final destination.

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Food Waste Reduction

Approximately 1.6 billion tons of food per year are either lost or wasted globally. In addition to the environmental issue this creates, it also has a significant impact on a grocer’s business financials. By operating an intelligent supply chain with optimal accuracy, traceability, and efficiency, your store can improve sustainability measures and significantly reduce food waste.

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Operational Efficiency

Optimize your operations from prepping to labeling to time-keeping to checklists and more. Our solutions help you determine when and how much to prep throughout your day with instructions and reminders. Our tools help keep your staff accountable for all the necessary tasks throughout the day like opening setup and closing protocol.

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Freshmarx® Solutions

We have all the tools you need to run your food business to the optimal potential. Explore our wide range of products that work together to solve for your every need!