Traceability Solutions

Traceability Solutions

Empower Fast Accurate Recalls and Ensure Compliance and Food Safety

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Traceability in the Food Supply Chain

Traceability in the food industry means intelligently tracking and tracing the contents of your store or restaurant's inventory, verifying a food item's journey across the entire supply chain- from source to final destination. When you know the full history of your item, the condition of which it experienced as it traveled through each step of the supply chain, you can confidently serve your customers product that you know is safe and quality.

Traceability ensures FMSA 204 Compliance regulations and fast accurate recalls.

Restaurants and stores need to be compliant with FMSA 204 regulations, and you want to ensure you can perform precise recalls in a timely manner without inducing stress and risk on your employees and store. Freshmarx Traceability Solutions enables an efficient and accurate way to do traceability for all your food products, allowing you to be compliant, and ensuring your store can perform recalls.

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How it works:

Create and assign a product, case, or pallet with a digital id using RFID technology. Capture and store product data throughout each step of the supply chain journey — from the lot code and harvest date at the farm, to the transformation activity of raw food to packaged food at the processor, to the routing location information at the DC, to temperature tracking while in transit. RFID solutions enable a fully transparent product journey — from the grower to the consumer.

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AD Inventory

Our mobile app that helps eliminate out-of-date inventories, poor stock management or rotation, inadequate forecasting of stock and unsafe food. A simple, intuitive user interface and strong focus on food safety allow users to manage their restaurants more efficiently than ever.

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Avery Dennison's Connected Product Cloud

A platform that unlocks the power of connected products by assigning unique digital IDs to everyday items, providing unparalleled end-to-end transparency by tracking, storing and managing all the events associated with each individual product — from source to consumer and beyond. So all players in the supply chain as well as consumers have visibility of their products from farm to store.

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Avery Dennison RFID Portal Readers

Enable warehouses to quickly and efficiently verify inbound and outbound shipments, as well as track products through the facility. The portal readers automatically perform RFID captures routinely as pallets, cartons, products flow in, out, and through the warehouse, enabling supply chain transparency and tracking.

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Avery Dennison RFID Overhead Readers

The overhead readers are secured to the ceiling of the facility, and automatically perform RFID reads routinely as pallets, cartons, and products flow through the warehouse - enabling full supply chain transparency.

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Freshmarx Connect

Produces traceability initiative-compliant labels and data at the farm. Freshmarx® Connect provides a unique digital ID at source, enabling digitization of the food supply chain allowing companies to verify a food item's journey across the entire supply chain- from source to final destination-minimizing risk and cost.

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And More

Take a walk through our virtual supply chain, AD Explore, a self-guided platform with interactive environments, allowing you to see how solutions can be used in their applicable environments. AD Explore offers a dynamic way for logistics, food, and retail executives to look at their supply chain challenges and find solutions.


Know the footprint of all the products you have in your store or restaurant.

Providing food supply chain solutions that help you to ensure food safety, drive business optimizations, and build customer trust is that heart of Avery Dennison Freshmarx® Solutions.

  • Traceability
  • Food Safety
  • Food Waste
  • Freshness
  • Inventory Accuracy
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Avery Dennison has the platform for you to optimize your in-store operations today to best maximize sales, minimize waste, and guarantee freshness.