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Reducing Food Waste for Cost Savings and Sustainability

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Food waste is a high-priority issue in the food industry

While some measure of wasted food is inevitable, too much negatively impacts margins, detracts from environmental goals, and doesn’t responsibility contribute to the battle against world hunger. Minimizing food waste is highly important in the food industry.

Over 108 billion pounds of food is thrown away in the U.S. each year, and by some estimations, nearly 40% of food produced will go to waste

Reducing food waste doesn't mean ignoring quality and selling customers food that's past its prime. Instead, it's about tracking everything and knowing the full history and climate conditions cases and items experienced along the way. Avery Dennison has the technology to help groceries waste less and use more—while maintaining optimal quality and freshness for customers.

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QSR ROI with a digital inventory solution

Reducing this waste has a significant financial impact to food businesses as well as environmental and social improvements. Check out our ROI Food Waste Calculator to see how significant reducing food waste in your restaurant can be.

40% of food waste being caused at supply chain level. Much of the waste problem can be avoided through the use of technology

Freshmarx product tracking provides real time inventory visibility at the item and case level so you can intelligently track and trace the contents of your inventory, verifying a food item's journey and selling items before their expiry dates. Freshmarx gives you the tools for precise inventory management where the first to expire is the first out the door (FEFO)—that way you use more and waste less.

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AD Inventory Mobile App

Our mobile app that streamlines your inventory processes, significantly improving labor efficiencies and employee productivity. A simple, intuitive user interface and strong focus on food safety allow users to manage their restaurants more efficiently than ever.

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AD Ops Mobile App

AD Ops mobile app solution can help cut labor and reduce food costs by effortlessly streamlining back-of-house tasks. It is a cloud-based restaurant supply chain solution, that has a simple, intuitive user interface and strong focus on food safety allowing users to manage their restaurants more efficiently than ever.

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AD Temp Mobile App

AD Temp helps keep your temperatures right and your customers safe. Just point the thermometer and ADTemp does the rest. Not only does it speed up the temping process, but it prevents fraudulent temps from being logged. Pictures from each temping session are even saved to the cloud.

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AD Sense Mobile App

On average, restaurant kitchens experience refrigerator failures at least twice a year. With typical refrigeration inventory averaging over $10,000, these failures can result in significant food waste and lost revenue. AD Sense enables automated temperature and humidity monitoring in critical equipment and other key locations.

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And More

Take a walk through our virtual supply chain, AD Explore, a self-guided platform with interactive environments, allowing you to see how solutions can be used in their applicable environments. AD Explore offers a dynamic way for logistics, food, and retail executives to look at their supply chain challenges and find solutions.


Reduce your food waste by 25%, resulting in a healthier planet, healthier people, and healthier profits.

Providing food supply chain solutions that help you to drive food waste reduction, process efficiencies and business optimizations, ensure food safety, and build customer trust is the heart of Avery Dennison Freshmarx® Solutions.

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Avery Dennison has the platform for you to optimize your in-store operations today to best maximize sales, minimize waste, and guarantee freshness.