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Digital Connectivity for Freshness

For the food industry, we make digital connectivity possible for any item, collaborating with you to provide greater control over food freshness and quality, ultimately driving value and consumer trust.

We're here for you every step of the supply chain

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    The digital journey begins at the source.

    Connecting the physical and digital worlds at the source helps solve transparency and traceability challenges, comply with government regulations, achieve faster and more accurate recalls, provide visibility to downstream partners, and supply provenance information to build trust with customers.

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    Tracking transformation from raw to packaged goods.

    One of the most important steps in the supply chain takes place at the processor, where raw food is transformed into consumables and packaged for sale. In an optimized supply chain, the transformation of each raw food item is recorded and stored in the event of a recall or for provenance information.

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    Distribution Center

    Accurate inventory for the right customer at the right time.

    Traceability and transparency are crucial for distribution centers that are responsible for transporting food. Whether it’s cross-docking or pick and pack, DCs need to know inventory status at all times, in real time. DCs need to maximize productivity, speed and volume of product movement and load optimization so the inventory is sent to the right customer at the right time, while still fresh.

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    Leveraging upstream digital identification.

    Stockrooms are the backbone of all restaurants, groceries and convenience stores. With a large emphasis on increased food safety, consumer demand for transparency, as well as eliminating/redistributing excess food, the food service industry has never been more ready for the digital transformation of outdated, manual processes.

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    Automated solutions help future-proof kitchens.

    Many kitchens are operating with limited resources, outdated processes, and deficient technology, but are still being asked to provide a whole host of information to their shareholders, the government and their customers, while still holding food safety as their top priority. Automation is key for food prep, food temp monitoring, inventory control and waste tracking.

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    Safe food onsite, in the drive-through or by delivery.

    Food safety, cleanliness, and the ongoing need to provide consumers with nutrition, ingredient and expiration information are imperative. In an industry challenged to future-proof, automation of BOH processes has never been more important. Technology adoption is rapidly accelerating for tasks like food prep, inventory and order management, and temperature and task tracking. All leading to safer food, better inventory visibility, ensuring compliance, faster more precise recalls, and reduced food waste.

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    Building resilience with omni-channel proficiencies.

    With the ongoing increase in consumers grocery-shopping online, optimizing inventory and expiration management, providing traceability and an excellent consumer experience is more important than ever. To stay relevant and continue to build customer loyalty, grocers need to ensure a future-proof strategy by optimizing up their supply chain processes and tracking their in-store inventory.

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What we solve

The Next Level of Accuracy, Traceability, and Freshness

Connecting the physical with the digital, we deliver a fully connected and intelligent food supply chain, from end to end, with all required components.

Item-level data capturing and connecting means:

  • Freshness Guarantee
  • End-To-End Visibility
  • First Expired First Out
  • Trusted In-Store Experience
  • Legislation (e.g. FSMA 204) Compliance
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Reduce food waste for enhanced sustainability

Reduce unnecessary food waste by up to 15%.

We connect the physical with the digital for the next level in freshness and accuracy

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Freshness Visibility and Inventory Accuracy

Our Freshmarx® Solutions enable restaurants to deliver the maximum freshness of product your consumers desire all while simplifying operations for staff and minimizing waste. Realize savings and enhance experiences.

  • Inventory Visibility
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Product Traceability
  • Expiry Management
  • Food Waste Reduction
  • Reusables
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Freshness Visibility to ensure Customer Loyalty

Our Freshmarx® Solutions deliver item-level IoT tracking connectivity for grocery chains. We’re your supply-side partner collaborating to drive value, freshness, quality and consumer trust.

  • Inventory Visibility
  • Expiry Management
  • Product Traceability and Recall
  • Compliance
  • Food Waste Reduction
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Your fully connected food supply chain empowered by IDConnect®

What we do is make digital connectivity possible for any item. And the way we do it is Freshmarx® IDConnect®, our connected product suite. Each of four complimentary components plays an essential role in uncovering actionable insights. Because we make an intelligent, connected food supply chain possible, you have greater control over product freshness. With Freshmarx®, powered by IDConnect®, you have all the right tools in place to:

  • Achieve complete inventory accuracy through automation
  • Gain full product traceability for product freshness
  • Empower end-to-end visibility to maximize efficiency
  • Generate and leverage insights for timely decision-making to drive efficiency throughout the supply chain
  • Empower data tracking
  • Improve processes to improve sustainability
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Improved labor efficiency, food safety, inventory accuracy, traceability, transparency, and sustainability. Take a walk through our virtual supply chain experience and discover the power for yourself!

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