Operational Efficiencies

Solutions Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Achieving Operational Efficiency by Streamlining Everyday Processes

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Make operations at your store or restaurant simple and seamless

Create a more organized, happier, less-stressful environment for your employees by streamlining your day-to-day processes. Optimize your operations from prepping to labeling to timekeeping to checklists and more. Your team can even accomplish inventory in minutes with significantly increased count accuracy.

Organization creates happy employees

Whether in a restaurant or in a grocery store, employees have many responsibilities - and these responsibilities ultimately determine food safety, and the satisfaction of your customers. There is a list of tasks that each employee has on their mind - from inventory taking to expiry date checking to labeling, to baking and much more. With all these tasks being done manually, things are unorganized and inefficient. You want your employees focusing their attention on ensuring a positive customer experience, not spending their time on tedious tasks. Simple solutions with automating technology can make your store or restaurant function with much greater ease.

  • Decrease labor efforts by 40-50%
  • Eliminate the error-prone, time-consuming, manual processes
  • Increase employee productivity and morale
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How to optimize your operations:

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With the AD Inventory app and RFID technology, counting inventory takes a fraction of the time, and proves to be +99% accurate.

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With the AD Ops app, you can streamline your back-of-house operations to create an efficient, clean, and organized environment.

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With the AD Temp and AD Sense mobile apps, you can keep your food temperatures right, and your customers safe.

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AD Inventory Mobile App

Our mobile app that streamlines your inventory processes, significantly improving labor efficiencies and employee productivity. A simple, intuitive user interface and strong focus on food safety allow users to manage their restaurants more efficiently than ever.

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AD Ops Mobile App

AD Ops mobile app solution can help cut labor and reduce food costs by effortlessly streamlining back-of-house tasks. It is a cloud-based restaurant supply chain solution, that has a simple, intuitive user interface and strong focus on food safety allowing users to manage their restaurants more efficiently than ever.

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AD Temp Mobile App

AD Temp helps keep your temperatures right and your customers safe. Just point the thermometer and ADTemp does the rest. Not only does it speed up the temping process, but it prevents fraudulent temps from being logged. Pictures from each temping session are even saved to the cloud.

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AD Sense Mobile App

On average, restaurant kitchens experience refrigerator failures at least twice a year. With typical refrigeration inventory averaging over $10,000, these failures can result in significant food waste and lost revenue. AD Sense enables automated temperature and humidity monitoring in critical equipment and other key locations.

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And More

Take a walk through our virtual supply chain, AD Explore, a self-guided platform with interactive environments, allowing you to see how solutions can be used in their applicable environments. AD Explore offers a dynamic way for logistics, food, and retail executives to look at their supply chain challenges and find solutions.


Significantly streamline your processes creating a much more efficient and happier environment!

Providing food supply chain solutions that help you to drive process efficiencies and business optimizations, ensure food safety, and build customer trust is the heart of Avery Dennison Freshmarx® Solutions.

  • Operational Efficiencie
  • Traceability
  • Food Safety
  • Food Waste
  • Freshness
  • Inventory
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Avery Dennison has the platform for you to optimize your in-store operations today to best maximize sales, minimize waste, and guarantee freshness.