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Logistics Solutions

Logistics Solutions for Ecommerce

Connecting the physical with the digital for actionable insights means you achieve the next level of control and accuracy.

Logistics Solutions for Ecommerce to create an Intelligent Supply Chain

We are technology for accuracy and authentication. We make digital connectivity possible for any item for inventory visibility to convert more customers and empower purchasing decisions and behaviors.

Our product-level tracking solutions help you ensure customers receive the authentic brand product, right and on time, every time. By giving every product a unique digital twin, you can drive trust and accuracy.

The product is what it says it is, and goes where it needs to go – right the first time.

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Drive inventory visibility, so that you convert more customers

You can increase inventory visibility and achieve the next level of shipping speed, accuracy, efficiency and sustainability to keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more as well as lightning speed return experiences.

Inventory Visibility

You can attain item-level visibility to all shipments with no line-of-sight required. Item-level intelligent labeling, digital readers, and a connected cloud make inventory transparency possible every step of the way, ensuring the original authentic product is in fact the product that you are delivering to your customer.

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Shipment Verification

You want to ensure packages get to your end customer as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. You want to feel confident you’ve shipped the right package to the right place at the right time — every time! You can intelligently track and route inbound/outbound shipments with no line-of-sight required.

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Routing Efficiency

You can attain optimal routing efficiencies, meaning products are moved through the supply chain in the most efficient, accurate, and fastest way possible.

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Logistics Solutions

We have all the tools you need to run your business to the optimal potential. Explore our wide range of products that work together to solve for your every need!