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The 2023 Top Women in Grocery

Food  |  Progressive Grocer  |  06-06-23

Congratulations to Susan Flake, Director, Global Business Development Avery Dennison Identification Solutions, and the exceptional women being recognized as Top Women in Grocery. Susan’s passion to achieve greater food safety and food waste reduction through digital solutions is transforming the food industry for grocers and restaurants, and paving the way for positive social and environmental impact.

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GS1 Connect

June 5-7, 2023  |  Denver, CO USA

At GS1 Connect, you can network with peers, innovators, and industry leaders. Get connected with colleagues, interact with industry experts, tap into the latest best practices, and discover how to use data most efficiently to optimize your operations and grow your business.


NRF Protect

June 5-7, 2023  |  Grapevine, Texas, USA

NRF Protect is where seasoned and fresh faces come together to discover essential insights and tools to tackle any security threat. United by a shared mission, loss prevention, digital fraud and cyber risk professionals attend to build community and advance as an industry at the most important retail security event of the year  We hope you see you there! 


RFID Journal Live!

Booth #605, May 9-11, 2023  |  Orlando, Florida, USA

RFID Journal LIVE! is the largest RFID event in the world, drawing executives from companies that are eager to use RFID to solve their business problems.

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Food System Reimagined

Food  |  Podcast  |  2-13-23

Adam Anderson, Avery Dennison's Identification Solutions VP of Global Food and Steve Basili of Ernst & Young discuss resiliency, agility, supply chain, risks and opportunities in a highly connected and reimagined food system.

Innovations in Retail: Reducing Waste via Cloud

Innovations in Retail: Reducing Waste via Cloud

Retail  |  Podcast  |  3-20-23

Retail is changing – always. New consumer habits and priorities are making supply-chain traceability, inventory optimization, and waste reduction a top priority for retailers. In conversation with Sobouh Rahimi, Julie Vargas, Avery Dennison's Identification Solutions GM/VP of NA shares her vision for incorporating RFID technologies in everyday life, and how Avery Dennison and SAP are already incorporating such innovations with retailers like Macy’s.

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On A Mission: How Food Businesses are Tackling Food Waste

Food  |  Hospitality Technology  |  7-25-22

Avery Dennison's Susan Flake discusses the recent Coresight reporton food waste which reveals information such as 90% of food businesses surveyed said reducing food waste is important for reaching their sustainability goals and 72% have set sustainability goals specific to food waste.

How Grocers Can Tackle Food Waste Imperative

Food  |  Progressive Grocer  |  6-29-22

Research and advisory firm Coresight Research is pulling back the curtain on grocery food waste in North America with its new report, titled “Overcoming the Food Waste Challenge: Improving Profit While Doing Good.” While some strides have been made to combat the issue, Coresight estimates that food waste costs the grocery industry $16 billion in net income annually, and cohesive definitions and accountability are still greatly lacking.

How to meet an uncertain future amidst a chronic labour shortage

Food  |  Food in Canada  |  6-14-22

There is an acute labour shortage in food businesses today and the question operators are asking is, “what if labour never returns?” Adam Anderson, vice-president, Food, Avery Dennison Identification Solutions, addresses these concerns and explains "How to meet an uncertain future amidst a chronic labour shortage"

How A Digitally Connected Supply Chain Drives Accuracy

Logistics  |  Supply & Demand Executive  |  6-14-22

Recent upheavals have laid bare the vulnerabilities of a global supply chain. Moving forward, supply chain leaders are moving away from a siloed approach and instead focusing on the value of a connected, end-to-end supply chain. With lessons learned from the current supply chain debacle, the benefits of a connected supply chain are becoming clear. Michael Kaufmann, Global Director of Logistics for Avery Dennison Identification Solutions, explains “How A Digitally Connected Supply Chain Drives Accuracy.”

How Technology Can Address Chronic Record Labor Shortages

Food  |  Hospitality Technology  |  4-28-22

Labor shortages continue to be a challenge for the food industry. Adam Anderson, vice president, Food, Avery Dennison Identification Solutions, explains how digitalization and automation can diminish the impact of chronic labor shortages - no matter what the future holds

Why Customer Trust is Crucial Amid Labor Shortages

Food  |  FSR Online  |  4-18-22

With food business executives dealing with labor issues throughout the pandemic, the food industry must find long term solutions to address

The Supply Chain Ripple Effect of Digital Labels

Logistics  |  SupplyChainBrain  |  4-13-22

The industry is moving toward solving multiple challenges through a digitally connected supply chain. When a digital ID is given to each item at source, it has a ripple effect all the way to the end-customer. Find out how creating a unique ID for the product at its source can help quickly and accurately move product through the supply chain.

The Digitally Connected Supply Chain Meets Complex Challenges

Logistics  |  RFID Journal Online  |  3-27-22

Find out how the logistics industry is moving towards solving current and future challenges through a digitally connected supply chain.

Going With the FLOW to Gain Supply Chain Visibility

Logistics  |  Food Logistics  |  3-23-22

The Freight Logistics Optimization Works (FLOW) set forth a path for which supply chain visibility and information sharing becomes vital – if not necessary -- components in keeping the flow of goods moving through the supply chain.

GS1 predicts RFID platforms will deliver automated 'farm-to-fork' traceability

Food  |  National Provisioner Online  |  2-25-22

GS1 predicts RFID platforms will deliver automated 'farm-to-fork' traceability

FSMA Rule 204 Updated: What Restaurants Need to Know Right Now

Food  |  Modern Restaurant Management  |  2-23-22

The final section of the FSMA 204 will come into effect in 2023 with a food traceability record compliance date of 2025. This last initiative is the most urgent for food businesses and requires immediate attention. Our very own industry expert, Ryan Yost, shares what food service providers need to know and how to prepare now.

Case Study: GS1 predicts RFID platforms will deliver automated 'farm-to-fork' traceability

Food  |  Snack and Bakery  |  2-18-22

Case Study: GS1 predicts RFID platforms will deliver automated 'farm-to-fork' traceability

GS1 Predicts RFID Platforms will Deliver Automated “Farm to Fork” Traceability

Food  |  Western Grocer  |  2-17-22

Avery Dennison is pleased to share the GS1’s newly released case study that predicts that “RFID platforms will deliver automated “farm-to-fork traceability.”

Grocery Market Report Reinforces Need for Technology, Including RFID

Food  |  RFID Journal Onlilne  |  2-6-22

This grocery trends study reflects how much the food industry can benefit from technology, including RFID tracking of inventory in the supply chain.