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9493 Printer FAQs

  1. Is the new M09493 SierraSport 4 a drop in replacement for the M09490 Renegade?

  2. No. A few of the reasons would be that the M09493 has a 203 DPI printhead, different battery, ribbon and ribbon cartridge. However the 9493 will run 9490 supplies and can process most MPCL I datastreams intended for the 9490. Some image adjustments may be required due to the difference in printhead densities.


  3. Do I need a new or different version of MPCL Toolbox to support the M09493 SS4 printer?

  4. Yes, you need to make sure that you have version 1.13 or higher. A link has been provided for your convenience.
    MPCL Toolbox: Monarch® MPCL™ Toolbox (Version 1.13) - 12/2/2008


  5. Where do I find the bootloader and latest version of printer firmware?

  6. They have been posted on the Service FTP site. Please navigate to /Firmware/9493/, and this is where you'll find the appropriate bootldr and firmware directories. The files will be compressed in Zip format. When flashing printers, always make sure that you flash the bootloader before firmware. And always make sure that the printer is operating with the latest versions of both before flashing either.


  7. What is the first serial number released for this printer?

  8. The first released serial number off of the manufacturing line was 08110051.


  9. There is an RJ-45 Ethernet port on the printer, but it does not seem to work. How do I enable this hardware?

  10. As long as the printer has the 802.11b/g wireless option, the Ethernet port is wired and enabled. Wired Ethernet cannot be ordered separately. The physical port for wired Ethernet is integrated into the I/O board assembly of all printers, and will have a label over it to prevent physical connectivity to the port when the wireless option is not installed.


  11. Are there any special configurations or changes to Toolbox.ini?

  12. Yes. Under the [General] header, place the following data so that it looks like this:
    If you already have Service=1, you do not need to add it twice.


  13. What is the minimum version of firmware supported in MPCL Toolbox?

  14. Version 1.0 and higher are fully supported with MPCL Toolbox. Some earlier versions may work, and depending on the prototype version firmware and prototype version MPCL Toolbox, printer and PC lockups have been known to happen. Please only use the latest release of MPCL Toolbox and printer firmware.


  15. What version printer firmware is the official first release?

  16. 1.1 is the official first version release. All others are prototype and unsupported.


  17. What version printer bootloader is the official first release?

  18. 1.4 is the official first version release. All others are prototype and unsupported.


  19. How do I service existing Alpha, Alpha 2 and Beta printers.

  20. Do not update any Alpha, Alpha 2 or Beta printer with hardware, bootloader or firmware. These printers are not covered under warranty or contract. They were not sold, are prototype printers only and may not contain required certifications in order to be anything but a prototype printer. Any of these printers that are sent in for Depot service will be impounded.


    Alpha and Beta printers should be returned to the ERC, ATTN: Product Support Manager. Service will work with the appropriate personnel for replacement. Any questions related to updating Alpha or Beta printers should be directed to myself.


  21. Are there parts to order?

  22. Yes there are parts, but because printers sold within the first 30 days of release should be sent back with an RMA, parts may not be placed into inventory until the middle or end of January, 2009.


  23. Will there be custom firmware, MPCL?, ADK and/or RCL firmware?

  24. Initial release will have only one version of firmware that supports BOTH MPCL and ADK simultaneously. For ADK, loading the appropriate script will enable ADK. There will be no RCL firmware for the M09493 printer. Custom firmware requests must be submitted to the Product Line Marketing Manager.


  25. Will the standard cable for the M09460 and M09433 work for the new printer?

  26. Yes and No. Yes, as long as you are using 12665914. This is the newer, RoHS compliant cable with the smaller housing at the printer end of the cable. If you are using an older version of the cable (old part number same pin-out), it will not fit and may damage the printer if forced to fit. Please order and stock accordingly.


  27. What ribbons and cartridges do I use? Can I use the same ones that worked on the Renegade M09490?

  28. The new ribbon and cartridge parts and part numbers are listed in the IPB. Neither ribbon cartridge is compatible with the other printer. The M09493 ribbons are backwards compatible with the Renegade M09490, but the older Renegade ribbons are not forward compatible. Please do not use them in the new M09493 printer.


    Label Designer has been updated to support the M09493, and has been released in conjunction with the printer and all supporting utilities. Reference to the link is below.


    Label Designer:
    Quickset Label Designer (Version 1.11-A)


    Though the links provided in this email have been verified to work, please do not save the links or create shortcuts to them on your computers since they are subject to change without notice. 

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