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Replacing the Printhead


Ethernet Setup Guide 


MonarchNet2 Operating Instruction

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Printer Utilities

939I™, 6032, 9825®, 9850®, 9855® and 9860® (and higher) printers.

Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® 98 or higher

MONARCH® ADK Download Utility (Application Development Kit Download Utility Version 1.8) - 1/10/2008    
The ADK Download Utility is a Windows 98 (and higher) compliant download tool that allows you to transfer ADK compiled scripts, formats, and lookup files to your ADK compliant printers.

Note: Uninstall previous versions of the application before installing version 1.7.

Monarch® and Avery Dennison printers

Monarch® printers are supported by NiceDrivers Windows® Drivers by Euro Plus

  • 32-bit: Microsoft® Windows XP®, Windows® 2000, Windows® 2003, Windows Vista®
  • 64-bit: Microsoft® Windows XP® x64, Windows® 2003 x64, Windows Vista®


USB drivers are available for a variety of operating systems.

Please select this link to the printer-drivers.

6032, 6039, 9403™, 9414™, 9416™, 9416XL, 9433, 9433SNP, 9460™, 9460SNP, 9490™, 9493, 9493SNP, 9805™, 9820™, 9825®, 9830™, 9835™, 9840™, 9850™, 9855®, 9860™, and 9906

Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows®95/98/2000/XP®

Monarch® MPCL™ Toolbox - 10/3/2014
This easy-to-use utility helps you configure your printer, download files, and create downloadable soft fonts. The utility also supports serial (COM), parallel (LPT), and ethernet (TCP/IP) connections.
MPCL Toolbox contains a feature to update printers: 9825/9850/9855_9860 Firmware Updates.


Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows®98/2000/XP®

9855RFID Demo Program
This easy-to-use utility helps you print UHF RFID supplies with your Model 9855RFMP Version 2.8 printer and higher. This utility supports serial and TCP/IP connections.
RFID Data Field Examples (96-bit RFID Tag):
View or download this text file to see examples of RFID data streams.

9403™, 9414™, 9416™ 9460™, 9805™, 9820™, 9825™, 9830™, 9835™, 9840™, 9850™, 9855®, 9860™ and 9906
Note: 9840, 9850, 9855 and 9860 are supported at 203 DPI.

Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows®3.1/95/98

Quickset Label Designer (Version 1.11-A)
MPCL Format Design Utility.

Note: The Label Designer Utility allows you to design fixed or variable field formats; however, you cannot enter variable field data using the Monarch Utilities. Call Customer Service for information about complete software packages.

9850™, 9855® and 9860™

Monarch® MPCL Toolbox Offline Format (Version 1.0)
The following graphics show the five offline formats included with this utility.
You can enter your own data, such as store name, descriptions, and price to customize these formats to fit your needs. Contact Customer Service (1-800-543-6650) for information and pricing on additional custom formats.

Fmt 95 Fmt 96 Fmt 97 Fmt 98 Fmt 99
Click on the samples to enlarge the view.

9840™, 9850™, 9825™, 9855® and 9860™

Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® NT®, 2000®, XP® and VISTA™

Operating Instructions: Help documentation within the application. (Press F1 while using NetManager for the manual)

NetManager (Version 3.0)
The NetManager program will install to the following path
C:\Program Files\Monarch  Software\NetMgr\NetMgr.exe
NetManager is the one utility that allows you to configure a Model 7410/7411 Wired or Wireless Ethernet Print Server from Windows® NT®, 2000®, XP®, VISTA™, TCP/IP, and NetWare® environments.
NetManager also supports earlier versions of our Ethernet cards previously viewed only with MonarchNet.

Note: Download and extract the contents of the zipped file.  Run setup.exe to install NetManager 3.0 to the following path:  "C:\Program Files\Monarch Software\NetMgr\NetMgr.exe".

  Back Panel Test Label
Monarch® 7410

9416TT04 and 9416TT04IE

Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® NT®, 2000®, XP® and VISTA™

Operating Instructions: More detailed information can be found in the Quick Installation Guide.

PS Utility (Version 3.0)    

Use this Print Server Utility to configure your TCP/IP connected printer(s).

To Install the Print Server Utility:

  1. Download PS_UI.zip to your computer and extract the file.
  2. Run Setup.exe from the extracted files and follow the on-screens to complete the installation. 
    The utility is installed in Start\Programs\PS-Utility.

9800 Series Printer FAQs

    • Where can I find Windows Drivers for my printer?

    • Some software packages come with drivers for the printers, other drivers are available at:
      Seagull Scientific
      Monarch® Windows® Printer Driver (Version 2.1)
      Legacy 16-bit Windows Printer Drivers.
      Printers Supported: 9403™, 9820™, 9830™, 9835™
      Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® 3.1/95/98

  2. I need to ship my printer, what's the best way to do that?
    1. Remove the ribbon roll, if one is loaded.
    2. Remove the supply roll, if one is loaded.
    3. Close the printhead by pressing down on the thumb well until you hear it click into place.
    4. Place the printer in the original box and secure with packaging material. If you do not have the original packaging, use the following part numbers to order the packaging material for your printer(s).
  3. Plastic Cover Printers Description and Qty.


    Metal Cover Printers Description and Qty.
    00065501 Carton (1)


    00066101 Carton (1)
    00065502 Corrugated Pad (1)


    00066102 Foam Pad Set (1)
    00065503 Corrugated Pad (1)


    00066105 Corrugated Pad (1)
    00065507 Foam Pad Set (1)




    Ship To: ERC (Electronic Repair Center)
    200 Monarch Lane - Door #39
    Miamisburg, OH 45342

  4. No response from printer when trying to print using either the Internal Ethernet card or the External Parallel port.
    1. From the Main Menu press Escape / Clear and press the Right Arrow to display the Setup menu options.
    2. Press Enter.
    3. Press the right arrow to display Port settings.
    4. Press Enter.
    5. Press the right arrow to display Parallel Comm.
    6. Press Enter.
    7. Set the Port for "External" if using the external parallel port or the external Ethernet card.
    8. Set the Port for "Internal" if using the internal ethernet card.
    9. the arrows to select Mode after specifying the Port - It is recommended that you set the Mode to IEEE if you need bi-directional communications to your host application.
  5. The 9800 with ethernet capabilites shares the parallel port bus between an internal and external parallel port. Be sure to specify the correct port via the main menu.

  6. I cannot "see" the printer on my network.
    1. Download and install the Net Manager Utility
    2. Note: Download and extract the contents of the zipped file. Run setup.exe to install NetManager 3.0 to the following path: "C:\Program Files\Monarch Software\NetMgr\NetMgr.exe".

    3. NetManager is the one utility that allows you to configure a Model 7410/7411 Wired or Wireless Ethernet Print Server from Microsoft® Windows® NT®, 2000®, XP®, and VISTA™ environments. NetManager also supports earlier versions of our Ethernet cards previously viewed only with MonarchNet.
    4. Assign the IP address per your particular network requirements.
  7. Printers Supported: 9825®, 9840™, 9850™, 9855®, 9860™
    Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® NT®, 2000®, XP®, and VISTA™
    7411 Print Server for 9825
    7411 Print Server for 9840 & 9850
    7411 Print Server for 9855 & 9860

    Assign the IP address per your particular network requirements.

  8. Status Code 400:
  9. This is typical with an AS/400 system. The following parameters may be used when setting up your outqueue:
    Host print transform- *yes
    Mfr type and model- *wscst
    Wrksta custom object- qwpdefault

  10. Status Code 411:
  11. Framing Error. The baud rate values may be mismatched between the host and the printer serial port. Make sure all parameters on the Host and the Printer's Serial port match exactly.

  12. Status Code 616:
  13. Failed dot/s cannot be shifted to allow the bar-code to print. The bar-code field will be replaced with a grey-scale pattern instead of printing a code that would scan with incorrect information. Call customer service to order a new printhead.

  14. Status Code 704:
  15. Supply error. Make sure the printer or software is set up for the supply type installed in your printer, black mark, die cut, etc. Some printers only support one type of supply indexing method.

  16. Status Code 757:
  17. The label format dimensions differ by more than 0.25" from the calibrated length of the supplies installed in the printer. When this code appears, press "escape" and the label will print as much information as possible on the label. To prevent this code from displaying again, the format
    dimensions may need to be altered to match the supplies or the correct supply length needs to be set to match the format dimensions.

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