Routing Efficiency Solutions

person using tablet in shipping yard

Routing Efficiencies

You can attain optimal routing efficiencies, meaning products are moved through the supply chain in the most efficient, accurate, and fastest way possible.  Item-level intelligent labeling, digital readers, and a connected cloud allow you to most efficiently and intelligently move a unit from point a to b to c.

  • Intelligent Labeling Technologies
  • Automated Scanning In/Out
  • Connected Cloud
  • IoT devices
  • Ability to Connect it altogether

You want to ensure packages get to your end customer as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Intelligent identification enables fast, accurate supply chain routing for shipment efficiency and accuracy, so you deliver items on-time and build trust with customers.

Avery Dennison opens the door to more of this...

  • Meet customer expectations for order faster delivery windows
  • Achieve Labor efficiencies 
  • Faster, smarter  routing processes
  • Faster product flow - meaning more product delivered at a faster rate
  • Accurate routing through tiered distribution 
  • Reduce/ eliminate misshipments
  • Greater customer satisfaction (on time, accurate deliveries, getting it right the first time)
  • Improve environmental impact by optimizing efficiencies

...and less of this!

  • Misshipments
  • Routing inefficiencies
  • Process time
  • Too long of a delivery window
  • Unnecessary number of trucks on the road
  • Increased costs & time
  • Risks with safety and compliance

Avery Dennison’s Routing Solutions…

Ensure the package travels the correct route as quickly as possible — every time!

In today’s world of omni-channel, ecommerce volume has significantly increased, and consumer expectations for a shorter delivery window have evolved.  Optimizing Routing Efficiencies throughout the supply chain is vital!


Move your product through the supply chain as quickly, efficiently, and accurately as possible!

That’s the heart of Avery Dennison Routing Solutions. Streamlined. Digitized. Optimized.  And with the power to unlock even more potential:

  • Shipment Verification 
  • Cross-docking
  • Sortation Efficiencies 
  • Truckload Optimization
  • Last Mile
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Locationing

Avery Dennison has the platform for you to achieve optimal routing efficiencies from manufacturing to final destination.