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With AD Inventory, ensure fully-stocked fresh products on your shelves everyday

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Deliver freshness to your customers always!

You want your customers to trust that the product they purchase in your restaurant is fresh without any doubt.

With product expiry data readily available, your staff will know what actions to take to maximize sales, ensure food freshness, and minimize waste.

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  • Ringing bell iconUse ingredients that are expiring soonest, not just those that were first received
  • Ringing bell iconEnsure thawed food is used before it expires
  • Ringing bell iconCapture accurate expiry data so no expired food is served to customers
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No need to spend hours a day validating “freshness” item-by-item

With AD Inventory, you can easily track the freshness of ingredients in your restaurant at any given time.

Let Us Show You How  

Ready to dive in and explore more?

Our team is excited and happy to answer any questions on how AD Inventory Solutions can streamline your inventory process to easily and quickly ensure freshness for your customers.

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