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Take inventory in minutes with AD Inventory

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The fastest, most accurate way to capture inventory.

AD Inventory can help eliminate out-of-date inventories, poor stock management or rotation, inadequate forecasting of stock, and unsafe food. AD Inventory has revolutionized how thousands of restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores manage their inventories, deliveries, and distributor ordering and deliveries; as well as how they file quality complaints, and even how they handle recalls.

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Simplify inventory with AD Inventory!

Check out some of AD Inventory's time-saving features in these videos below.

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Eliminate Manual Inventory Checks

Take inventory faster than ever with RFID and upload your data in a single tap.

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Increase Inventory Accuracy

Finish inventory in minutes while increasing your count accuracy with RFID.

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No need to spend hours on manual inventory checks and product ordering when AD Inventory can streamline and automate the entire process!

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Capture inventory in multiple ways

AD Inventory supports manual inventory entry, barcode scanning, reads RFID tags, and even lets you capture inventory by voice. The app's smart algorithms will catch mistakes before you make them!

One-tap Suggestive Ordering

Our intelligent algorithm builds a "suggested" order and sends it to your distribution center in a single tap. Using our integrations, you'll receive order updates from your distributor and verify your delivery with our electronic invoices right from AD Inventory.

Fast and accurate incident management

When a product is recalled, every second counts. AD Inventory enables your brand to perform precise, targeted recalls and provides real-time visibility into recall compliance at the brand level.

Food safety compliance

Achieve complete FMSA 204 compliance by tracking and tracing the contents of your inventory's journey across the entire supply chain - from farm to fork.

Easily report quality issues

Eliminate phone calls and manual quality complaints to distribution centers with AD Inventory. Quality issues can be reported to your distributors and suppliers in seconds using our app.