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Monarch® Retail Solutions

Streamline Your Store Processes

Our Monarch® Retail Identification Solutions are designed to reduce the complexity and time spent on promotional marking for greater efficiency, accuracy and increased margins ultimately allowing for an optimal customer shopping experience.

We're here for you every step of the supply chain

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    The digital journey begins at Manufacturing.

    Providing every product at source with a unique digital identity enables full transparency and accurate inventory tracking throughout the supply chain. To provide accurate real-time updates to customers, manufacturers must be able to achieve full real-time visibility every step of the way. And it all starts with digitizing the goods at source.

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    First Mile

    Optimizations to the first mile have a downstream payoff.

    As products move from manufacturing facilities to distribution centers, an entire complex ecosystem of transportation logistics happens in between. The right technology will ensure optimal routing speed, maximized truckloads, full inventory visibility at any given time – to give you accuracy at any volume.

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    Distribution Center

    Increase facility capacity without increasing facility footprint.

    Warehouses face pressure to increase throughput – to route more product through their facility at a faster rate without additional resources, all within an increasingly challenging environment. To succeed in today’s supply chain landscape, it’s essential to focus on building resiliency through innovation and having the right solutions in place to maximize productivity, speed and volume of product movement, and load optimization.

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    Fulfillment Logistics

    Routing optimization is the key to fulfillment logistics.

    As products move on to their end destination, there is an entire complex ecosystem of transportation logistics that happens in between. That’s why it’s critical to have full inventory visibility. Item-level tracking lets you know with certainty where every product is located at any given time and gives you peace of mind that each product makes it successfully to the store or customer’s door.

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    Last Mile

    Deliver the right product to the right location at the expected time - getting it right the first time.

    The Last Mile is the shortest step in a very long process. However, it is also the most expensive and time-consuming step. With the significant demand in omni-channel fulfillment, optimizing Last Mile Logistics has become the key to getting packages to your end customer as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, allowing you to thrive in today's world of evolving customer demands.

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    Enabling quick accurate inbound inventory verification and enhanced shopping experience.

    Ensure what you expect to receive to your store, is in fact, what was delivered. Customers have shifted a large percentage of shopping activity to online ordering and have come to desire an enhanced shopping experience when they enter the doors of a store. To meet these escalated expectations, automate the inbound inventory scanning process which will allow your store associates to spend their time ensuring a positive customer experience.

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What we solve

Retail Efficiency and Accuracy

We make efficient labeling possible for any item. Our Retail Solutions are tailored to your unique needs. Our retail consultants work closely with you to identify the right process improvements to drive margin and reduce costs all while boosting employee and customer satisfaction.

  • We support you from labeling to re-ticketing to loss prevention
  • We introduce automated inventory accuracy with RFID
  • Our experts advise on process improvements
  • Our solutions make front and back-of-house efficiency and accuracy possible
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Price confusion creates a frustrating customer experience.

Deliver +97% markdown accuracy in your store.

How we do it

Advanced Retail Solutions – From Manufacturing To In Store

Our advanced price-marking, labeling, and inventory accuracy solutions help retailers achieve the next level in efficiency and control. From software to hardware and more, Avery Dennison Monarch® solutions deliver to the next level for the retailer.

Frictionless Item-Level Data Capture and Tracking

  • Price Management
  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Ecommerce Order Fulfillment
  • Loss Prevention
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Improved labor efficiency, safety, inventory accuracy, traceability, transparency, and sustainability. Take a walk through our virtual supply chain experience and discover the power for yourself!

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