Monarch® Legacy Utilities

9840™, 9850™

Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® NT®

Operating Instructions

MonarchNet™ Utilities for Monarch® Ethernet Print Servers (Version 1.0)

MonarchNet Server Utilities

Contents of compressed file:
    MonarchNet for NetWare V2.32
    NetworkAlert for NetWare V2.31
    MonarchNet for TCP/IP V2.32
    NetworkAlert 32 V1.3
    MonarchNet Connect for IP V1.71
    MonarchNet Connect for IPX/SPX V1.1
    Acrobat Reader V4.0


Note: When extracting the zip file, please check "maintain directory structure".
TCP/IP Print Server
NetWare Printer Server

These utilities allow you to configure your MonarchNet Ethernet Print Server for Windows® NT®, TCP/IP, and NetWare® environments. You can monitor, configure, and manage any number of Monarch printers connected to every computer on your network. MonarchNet also allows for remote configuration of your printers.


Operating Systems:
Microsoft® Windows® 3.1

MONARCH® PLATFORM™ Software ADK (Application Development Kit Version 5.0)

Legacy software that creates and compiles script files and communicates with PATHFINDER® Ultra™ printers.


Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® 3.1

MONARCH® PLATFORM™ Software PF+/Ultra Transfer (Version 4.1)

Legacy software that manages communications between the PATHFINDER Ultra printer and MONARCH PLATFORM Software (using script files designed in ADK).

9403™, 9415™, 9490™, 9805™, 9820™, 9830™, 9835™ and 9840™

Operating Systems: Microsoft® MS-DOS® & Windows® 3.1/95/98
Note: For MS-DOS version, extract all files using PKZIP® or WinZip® and run INSTALL.EXE.

Quickset Printer Config./File Download (Version 2.2)

Legacy utility designed to configure and send files to Monarch® printers. The MPCL Toolbox replaces this application.

6035™, 9403™, 9820™, 9830™, 9835™ and 9840™

Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® 3.1/95/98

Quickset Soft Font Utility (Version 2.0)

Legacy utility designed to create and send Soft Fonts to Monarch® printers. The MPCL Toolbox replaces this application.

9416TT04 and 9416TT04IE

Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® NT®, 2000®, XP® and VISTA™

Operating Instructions: More detailed information can be found in the Quick Installation Guide.

PS Utility Version 3.0)

Use this Print Server Utility to configure your TCP/IP connected printer(s).

To Install the Print Server Utility:

  1. Download to your computer and extract the file.
  2. Run Setup.exe from the extracted files and follow the on-screens to complete the installation. 
    The utility is installed in Start\Programs\PS-Utility.

Legacy USB Drivers

USB drivers are available for a variety of operating systems.

  • Microsoft® Windows® XPx64:
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP/2000:
    Note:This driver is Microsoft WHQL certified for Windows XP.
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98/ME:


For Windows® 98/ME instructions click here.

Contact us for more information on USB or go to Future Technology Devices Internal, Ltd. for additional drivers or updates.

Palm™ III series, and the Palm™ VII handheld; and the Symbol® SPT 1500 terminal

Operating Systems:

Palm OS®

Monarch® 6015™ Print Utility (Version 1.0)

This new utility allows users to print data from a handheld computer using the Appointment Book, Address Book, Memo, ToDo List, and the Clipboard. Also included is a utility to print receipts.
Demos: Super Demo Application (Super Demo.prc and Super Demo Bar Code Application (BarcodeSample.prc and BarCode Several of these applications/demos were written using Metrowerks® CodeWarrior®.
Learn more about how to use the demos. Monarch® 6017™ Programmer's Utilities
Printers Supported: 6017™
Documentation:Operating Instructions
Programmer's Manual Handheld Devices supported: Symbol® SPT 1700 terminal and 1800 series terminal
Operating Systems:Palm OS®
Demos: Line Busting Demo is a retail application that includes magnetic stripe card reader information. (6017 Print Demo). Handheld Devices supported: Symbol® PPT 2700 and 2800 series terminal
Operating Systems: PocketPC®
Demos: Pocket PC source code (HandiPrint Demo Source Code) for Pocket PC (Windows® CE) using Microsoft® Embedded Visual Basic®.

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