Avery Dennison Intelligent Fulfillment Solutions for Returnable Transport Items (RTI) in the Supply Chain

Is time and effort being wasted to manage your Returnable Transportable Items?

As items move through the supply chain, they are transported from facility to facility in some form of box, crate, tray, or tote. This container is expected to circulate throughout the supply chain for continued use; however, wasted time and effort spent on managing these RTIs.

With the optimal processes in place to track and trace RTIs, not only is time and effort saved to track down a missing RTI and its assets, but also significant efficiencies in the overall fulfillment process are achieved.

By implementing Avery Dennison Intelligent Fulfillment Solutions into your RTI system, you enable full asset tracking and visibility throughout the supply chain - eliminating risk of lost items and eliminating unproductive time and effort to track down a missing carton.

  • An inexpensive way to accurately track RTI assets throughout the supply chain.
  • With a seamless RTI inventorying process, optimization of the fulfillment process flow is enabled.
  • With improved RTI visibility, cycling and inventory management can be optimized to reduce stock holding at all points in the supply chain, ultimately reducing overall costs..
  • Tracking RTIs and the goods they carry without human intervention can reduce inventory pick errors and mis-ships, as well as associated labor costs.
  • Returns and recall management are improved with timley tracking and locating.

Our intelligent label tracking solutions help ensure that your assets are in the right place at the right time meeting retailer and consumer needs.

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