Linerless Solution

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Linerless Solution

Switching to linerless labels can have a significant positive impact on a logistics operation’s productivity, efficiency, safety and carbon footprint.

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Linerless Solutions

Linerless labels are a continuous-roll form of direct thermal paper media made with typically a pressure-sensitive adhesive.

The labels also have a special top release coating on the facesheet. When the roll is wound, the adhesive does not stick to the top of the facesheet. In that way, a roll of linerless labels is similar to a roll of tape.

Linerless labels are for use with printers that are designed with release surfaces along the paper path. These platen rollers, feed rollers, and knives are specific for use with linerless labels.

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Efficiency benefits

  • Up to 50% more labels per roll
  • Less roll changeovers
  • More printer uptime

Economic benefits

  • No waste handling costs
  • Lower supply chain costs due to less weight and fewer rolls to ship

Consistent performance benefits

  • Delivering consistent adhesive and Si coating, image quality
  • Exceptional printer compatibility
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For a last mile mobile printer-based operation that is processing 4,000 packages a day, annual uptime savings would exceed $500,000 across 350 site networks. Incremental efficiency gains of over 2.2% on an hourly basis from reduced roll changes alone.

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$48,575 is the average per injury cost from slip and fall events in the US

  • Eliminate the risk of workplace slip and fall injuries from liners on the floor.
  • Reduce the risk associated with handling and managing liner waste:
    • Collecting at the workstation space
    • Transporting through building
    • Placing in dumpster or compactor for landfill or recycling
    • Reduced general combustible fire load at workstations
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The flexibility to produce a variety of label formats and sizes in one roll

  • Can cut/tear at any length (variable length, SKU/inventory reduction)
  • Total Cost Of Ownership