Sustainability Solutions

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Be Intelligent about Sustainability

You can improve your processes to contribute to the circular economy.  The efforts you make not only have an environmental and social impact, but a financial impact on your business as well. 

  • Intelligent Labeling Technologies
  • Automated Scanning In/Out
  • Connected Cloud
  • IoT Devices
  • Ability to Connect it altogether

One third or more of food produced is never eaten, and more than half of that waste occurs throughout the food supply chain. On a planet that’s home to hundreds of millions of hungry people, reducing food waste is a moral imperative. It’s also a good-business imperative.

Avery Dennison opens the door to more of this...

  • Reduce food waste
  • Increase the number of Families fed
  • Increase the number Meals provided
  • Increase Liters of water saved
  • Reduce number of trucks on the road
  • Reduce Fossil fuel emissions
  • Reduce Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Responsibly respond to new food models such as food delivery and omni-channel ordering
  • Build customer trust and loyalty by taking responsible steps towards improved environmental efforts. 
  • Social Impact

...and less of this!

  • Unnecessary Food Waste
  • Avoidable use of carbon and fossil fuels
  • Inability to measure and report on the impact of business behaviors
  • Lack of customer loyalty

Avery Dennison’s Intelligent Sustainability Solutions

Be Smart about Sustainability

Don’t throw away 3-4% of your profit margins by accepting food waste as part of the cost of doing business.

Calculate your ROI with a Digital Inventory Solution


Be environmentally responsible.  Be socially responsible.  Be financially responsible.

That’s the heart of Avery Dennison Sustainability Solutions. Streamlined. Digitized. And with the power to unlock even more potential:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Improved Efficiencies

Avery Dennison has the platform for you to optimize your sustainability efforts in the food supply chain today.