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Food Solutions

AD Ops takes the guesswork out of prep work

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Streamline your back-of-house operations!

Inefficient and unorganized processes in a restaurant mean risking food safety while wasting money and food. AD Ops is here to help! Developed by a veteran team of restaurant owner-operators with a deep understanding of daily restaurant operations, AD Ops mobile app streamlines operations in a restaurant, resulting in labor savings and reduction in food costs.

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AD Ops keeps your restaurant organized!

Check out some of AD Ops’ most time-saving features in these videos below.

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Eliminate handwritten labels

Create prep, nutrition, or any label you need with using our simple label designer.

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Organize your to-do's

Eliminate paper checklists and go digital! Streamline recurring tasks, provide corrective actions, and track completion in real time.

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Always on-time

Stay on top of time-sensitive processes like food rotation and restaurant sanitation.

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Food Prep

Eliminate food waste

Using sales and inventory metrics, the app can suggest your daily prep quantities and reduce prepared food waste by up to 50%!

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Everything in one place

Keep on-the-job training materials, food prep guides, and other important documents centralized and up-to-date in the media module.

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Most restaurants are under-staffed, let AD Ops do the heavy lifting for your team

Tablet showing AD Ops software and printer

Training right when it's needed

Job aids are one tap away and invaluable for ensuring consistent food preparation practices and helping train new team members.

Just a phone call, chat, or email away

Live support from a real person is available 24/7/365 in addition to regularly scheduled training sessions, video tutorials, and a self-help knowledge base.

Manage everything from our portal

The Admin Portal allows you to fully manage your menu, label designs, checklists, and other data in the cloud, view analytics, and push changes to all your locations.

More options to choose from

AD Ops runs on our all-in-one printer with dual print heads or on an iOS or Android phone or tablet with an Avery Dennison bluetooth or WiFi printer. You can even pair up to 6 printers simultaneously to a phone or tablet!

Let us manage your updates

Available as an additional service, our team can help manage your menu data or even integrate it with automatic data feeds.