Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame



 Jeanne Duckett Inducted Into       Women in Manufacturing                     Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Jeanne Duckett, Senior Manager of Food Traceability and Transparency for Avery Dennison Identification Solutions, for being selected as one of ten honorees in the Women in Manufacturing’s (WiM) Hall of Fame! Her passion for sustainability in food manufacturing is paralleled by her dedication to her work at Avery Dennison in the food industry. Jeanne leads traceability initiatives for Avery Dennison Identification Solutions, from source to consumer. She touches on all related technologies, including Blockchain, and Edge processing, trigger development including 2D symbols, RFID, NFC, bluetouch, intelligent sensors, and data sharing standards. Jeanne is an industry-recognized expert in all things traceability. She holds multiple patents in imaging, RFID handling, and food systems design. Jeanne is also a Global Chair for ISO, WG 8. She is a contributing member of AIM Global and GS1 inter-industry organizations, where she was just elected for the GS1 Global Circularity Committee. Jeanne has a seat on the AIM NA Board of Directors. She chairs the AIM North America Food Policy Committee and Traceability Committee, where she previously chaired IoT, Blockchain Council, and the RFID Experts Group. At AIM NA she encourages early startups to become involved in the industry and industry standard organizations like ISO and AIM.

Avery Dennison has been a WiM corporate sponsor since 2021 and has attended many events over the years of the partnership, including the annual WiM Summit. They’ve also partaken in many regional conferences. WiM members have had the opportunity to network and receive plant tours to deepen connections and passion for manufacturing. 

Ellen Alexander, Chair of Elevate (an Avery Dennison employee resource group) reflected on Jeanne’s remarkable achievement, "When I think about Jeanne as a person and a friend, what immediately comes to mind is her generous spirit and tireless advocacy to help others and advance marginalized groups. I am so pleased and proud that Jeanne is being recognized and inducted into the Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame. Jeanne has long been a role model for me in the way she supports others, both at work and in her community. I hope her advocacy inspires you as well. Congratulations Jeanne!"

WiM is devoted to creating a world where diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of the manufacturing sector. They are driving for equitable opportunities and rewarding careers for all individuals in manufacturing. Currently, 177 Avery Dennison employees are registered as WiM members. Congrats, again, to Jeanne Duckett!